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March 17, 2011

Merging PC’s with lenormand

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I thought that I would try merging PC’s with the lenormand. This was inspired by my teacher, who merges tarot with lenormand when giving general readings. The top row is giving the main theme of the reading while the lenormand are adding more details in support of it.

Jack Clubs………..8 spade………Ace Heart……Q hearts………5 hearts



The first set I will look at is Master Jermonie (Jcl), book and key. Master Jermonie is the main theme of this trio. Master Jermonie is looking to the right at book, so his focus is in the future, there is an unknown element or a delving into something that he will discover and will have a significant impact on him. This could be a study of some sort. Something will become known of him or from him. A significant learning.

Update: I attended the graduation of my favourite nephew.

The Second Set 8 spade, whip, house the main theme is 8 spade so we have a goal or project in mind that will be something that will be long term, working towards it, which will require alot of hard work to achieve it. Whip is also confirming something that requires alot of physical effort, it may also be indicating that there will be some conflict in the process. House therefore anything in regards to the home or family is what this is giving clues too.

Update: a couple of things relate to this. Firstly my partner and I are looking at building a home on family land. The second, is referring to my sister and her partner, having to sort out their domestic problems, also selling their own home.

The third set Ace hearts, dog, child the main theme is Ace of hearts which represents home and family once again. The dog is someone close or known to the family, also a child or youth, so this could be a family member and child coming to the home.

Update : Got news that my nephew and his partner are expecting a baby.

The fourth set Lady Tara, lily, tree the main theme is the woman, she is the lovely queen, someone emotional, she is also known as the mother card, lily next to her, could also be giving clue to an older woman this could actually be representing my mother. Funny thing my mother rang when I started to type out this trio. There maybe health issues with the tree.

Update: This is referring to my mother, regarding a family trust situation.

The fifth set 5 hearts, fox, letter the main theme is to do with instability, emotional insecurity. The fox gives a clue as to what the insecurity is about, which is to do with work or employment. The letter indicates that some form of official document or letter is forth coming.

Update: Went into work today to help out with some admin work for a new unit that is in it’s developmental stage. The manager told me that one of the key employees helping him had left. So sets things back.

So all in all, everything played out.


What will I gain on my pending trip?

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I am due to travel to Australia next week, I will be assisting my teacher on the first series of workshops held there. I have not been overseas for over 20 years, but it will be very exciting at the same time. So I’m doing a multi-level reading. To look at the overall trip as a whole, and what I will be learning, gaining or experiencing while over there.

Firstly the trip as a whole

KD  KH  10Sp  5 Clubs Ace Cl QH 10 Cl Joker 7Sp 4cl 6D

Starting with 5clubs as this is the key card representing the trip. Next to that key card is lady Karmel, she maybe representing a young woman who maybe a student or host to myself.

On the otherside we have Ace clubs which represents something new or news coming forth. This in fact will be new to both the Australians and myself.

Sir Denee and Sir Christos and lady Karmel. Somehow these 3 people will be prominent during my stay.

Ace club, Lady Tara, lady Indira ME 7 spade, 4 club, 6 diamond

I have included the my key card in this draw since it has all come up together.

Both Lady Tara the young lady Indira are also people who will be prominent, because lady Indira is sitting next to me, she may be someone that I have alot to do with. So they will be new people that will have an effect on me.

However if I look to the right side of me we have 7 spade this is the card of burdens and worry, so I may feel a little overwelmed at times. The 4 clubs is the book of knowledge, and so it will be, as we will be learning about a certain method or study. I see this as painstakingly nutting out what is to learn. It is good to see the 6 diamond sitting at the end, as it is the card of positive and unexpected events that has that fate attached to it. There will be an unfolding of something that may have been held deep and caused some worry, but it’s discovery will be good for all concerned.

So to summarise, this will be a beneficial trip with meeting people 5 people in particular will be of some interest.

What does Mark need to be aware of?

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As in my previous post, I thought I would do another spread instead the Querent is named Mark. So what should Mark be aware of within the next couple of weeks.

Qcl (Lady Laveena) 9cl 5D JOKER 2H QD (Lady Rachel) 6D

5 diamond (hyperactivity) – The recent past is still affecting the present, therefore this is a card of unsettledness.

2 hearts (Union) – Soon to come into the near future or action, thought of the querent, is a positive meeting.

Lady Laveena + 9 Club + 5 Diamond Lady Laveena is has the 9 diamond sitting next to her, so she maybe feeling distant, or appear to be closed. 5 diamond, which represents unsettledness, has caused a feeling of unsettledness with Mark, as there  will be distance between them. Also insecurity comes to mind

Update: Lady Laveena describes his current partner, she will be going away on a trip, she does have a unsettled feeling about the trip. He was not really keen on her going away, and some travel arrangements that he did not know about caused him some concern.

2 hearts + Lady Rachel + 6 diamond

There looks to be a meeting with a character of Lady Rachel, she is someone described as being materialistic and forthright, she has something on her mind with the 6 diamond sitting behind her, she is feeling hopeful.

Update: His partner (lady Laveena) met with the character of Lady Rachel, who was very beneficial and important in helping her get out of her comfort zone, a mentor. Mark also met with a lady who is a bank manager that will be instrumental in a housing proposition.

What do I need to be aware of?

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Hey folks,

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here, so I pulled out my playing card deck again wiped off the dust it was collecting due to non-use.

Anyway this draw using the No Layout I’m asking what I should be aware of in the next week – month.

JH  6H 9Sp JOKER (me) 4D 6D 9D

With the no layout spread, the 2 most important cards to view first are right next to the Key card, so in this case it is the Joker which represents me the querent.

9 Spade – this is the first card I look to, as it is indicating recently or currently what is in play. So something has come to an end, or is transitioning.

4 diamonds – this is current or soon to be coming into play as in thought or action on my behalf. This is the card of desire or passion, so there is something that I will be wanting to do.

Jack – (Master Les-Hayr) + 6 Hearts + 9 spade – Now if I read this as events that has passed and still effecting me at present, then this is indicating a young man who is emotional, the 6 hearts is about Harmony, beauty, positivity and leisure, so this is on his mind, but some how it is dashed by the 9 spades, as it brings an ending to it, therefore it is saying he can’t see a positive way forward, or his positive thinking has ended.

Update: I know exactly who this is talking about, funnily when creating names for these cards, it was named after him. He has been going through an emotional time at the moment, alot of fears due to recent disasters both here in NZ and Japan.

4 diamonds + 6 diamonds + 9 diamonds

What ever my desires are of the 4 diamond I can be sure that some positive opportunity will be coming my way 6 diamond, a twist of luck, there is success and completion 9 diamond beyond my expectation. This is a very good last 3 trio, coming into the near future, as I asked for a week to monthly outlook of what I need to be aware of.

Will update on the last set.


August 8, 2010

No Layout – Who will be Marie’s next boyfriend?

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This is a reading I did for a client of mine the other day. I thought that  I would use the No layout, which is my main spread when I read the lenormand. Marie wanted to know if I could describe or give any insight into her next relationship or boyfriend.

9 h+7 cl+Ace h+6 cl+JOKER+6 sp+5 sp+Q D+7 D

The No layout always starts with the cards immediately to the left and right of the key card, so in this case the key card is the black Joker which is the significator card.

6 clubs, so he is someone who is going through some positive transition stage, and looking at moving forward in his life. So changes for the better.

6 spades, he is a hard worker, or work is important to him, he maybe working on a project.

9 heart+7 clubs+A heart+6 club – There was a problem within his domestic situation which has been going on for a long time (9 heart – long timing card) so he has moved from his home.

6 spade+5 spade+Queen diamond+7 diamond – His employment or what he is working on. There is a variety or options that he needs to deal with. He is either working with a few woman (5 spade) or the woman he is dealing with is at a crossroad, but she can be someone who is very physical, negatively someone agressive or abusive.

Update: Marie had informed me, that she knows exactly who this person is. He had gone through a very unsettling and verbally abusive time with his ex-wife. The woman was the abuser in this case.

August 4, 2010

Daily reading 5/8/2010

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3 heart+2 spade+8 club

……2 club+8 diamond

………….4 spade

Situation: I’m going to break this down individually, as I always find it clearer to understand the cards and to piece it together better. 3 H is about growth, or that something has the potential to grow into something else, so if I look to the 2 spade, that card is about opposition, or doubts, beliefs. So perhaps this is meaning that my or something else has the  potential to grow but has come up against some opposition, or really there is an opposing view, since that card is about differences of opinions. The 8 club is the card of recognition, guidance and technology. So because of this opposition, it has not yet been recognised, but its potential to grow could be leading, if only the opposing forces/doubts can recognise it. It could be technology, or it can be something  inspirational.

Advice/information: 2 clubs is conversations, consultations, interviews with another. 8 diamonds is about business or a business entitity. So will be talking with a business that deals with health (4 spades) the outcome card.

If I also start with 3 H+2 cl+4 sp. Shows a potential or growing interest through this conversation or consultation to do with health.

starting 8 cl+8 d+4 sp. The business can give good guidance for health.

It just so happens that I am going to see a homeopath today, who does have some interesting vibrational equipment. I’m quite sure, that is what this is talking about.

Will update

August 1, 2010

Daily reading 2/8/2010

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10 hearts (Leona) + 8 spades+king Spades

……………….2 hearts+9 diamonds

……………………….Queen Spades

If we look at the 2 court cards, Leona and the General (king spades) we have 8 spades between them, so this is indicating that the 2 involved have a trusting and very dedicated relationship with each other. This is also reiterated with the successful partnership (2 H+9 D) it is quite dynamic actually. The Queen is the outcome, so there is certainly something of a powerful relationship between the 3 involved. It could be that the king and Queen are a couple and they are very supportive of this young loving woman, she obviously has a mission in life.

Update: This morning I attended a talk by Sacred Star Map Artist Eirios Laverick it was amazing. Eirios (10 hearts) has been chosen (2 hearts)to bring in ancient codings through her channelled star maps, which is made up of mathematics, sacred geometry and light language. She is so closely guarded (2 hearts+9 diamonds) and protected by Guardians (king and queen of spades) she has dedicated (8 spades) her life to anchor in these much needed energies for humanity and the planet.

It was a real blessing to see her artwork, and listen to her story. I am thrilled at how the cards are really coming together, the King and Queen Spade I see as the male and female elements. I can tell you, that I never had so many sensations of “goose bumps” (body recognition) pulsing head, and an activation in my heart centre, when I looked at these magical paintings.


July 30, 2010

Daily reading 30/07/2010

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7 hearts+9 diamonds+Q hearts

……..5 spades+9 spades


If I look to the Q hearts first, she is facing the 9 diamonds, which is to do with success, it can also indicate that she in herself is successful, strong person, the 7 hearts can be psychic or creative gift. So she has a strong intuitive or creative talent that she follows her feelings and usually always right.

The 5 spades and 9 spades is that there were some options and choices that she was faced with, but for some reason it was options leading to no where.

The Joker is very significant, so the outcome was an important transformation.

Update: Today I spoke with a woman who is into homeopathy and has a very strong intuitive sense. She said that she always and only ever listens to her feelings, and that it had become stronger after a time when her daughter was very sick, she had seen a few (5 spades) doctors who had all said that she  (daughter)was ok, but her intuition had told her to look for another diagnosis, she eventually had seen someone who had made the correct diagnosis and luckily saved her life, although the late diagnosis had made her permanently damaged hearing. So since that significant event, she has had a strong sense, and it is getting stronger the more she listens to it.

July 29, 2010

The Bed reading

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This is the bed reading spread from the book of personal prophecy by Deborah Leigh. It comprises of 16 cards drawn randomly, but placed on top of each other, in order of the draw. It requires no question, and then it is placed around the significator.

6 club……….2 club……………7 club….……………10 diam…..Ace club

7 spade……..A diam…(ME/5 spade/J spade)….6 diam…….3 spade

3 diam………7 heart……………2 diam………………..J club…….8 spade

first card is on top of the significator What faces you – 5 spades therefore there are options or choices to make. this is placed across the first card (5 spade) What crosses you-J spade young man who may be an impediment to my success. This individual is someone who takes his responsibilities seriously, although negatively he can be devious.

What heads you : 7 clubs – this is the card directly on top of me, so it is still up in the air. So there is a problem brewing.

What foots you: 2 diamonds this card is directly beneath me, so there is going to be some exchange going on.

What sides you: Ace diamond card directly to the left of me, so a money situation. The money situation obviously has some burdens or worries (7 spades with it.

What Guides you: 6 diamond card directly to the right of me, so by some lucky situation that is coming towards me from the universe. It is coming fast ball pace at me. So I expect this lucky turn around to be very quick (3 spades)

Now the top row is read from left to right, these are the things that are still up in the air.

A step up (6 club) in a situation that will require some conversation with another (2 club) however the conversation won’t be an easy one (7 club) it has either something to do with another female, or it may require me to make some demands so that my point will be heard, it will be a new (ace club) of being for me, coming soon.

The bottom row is read next, this is the recent past, people or situations from past may also enter in this line.

Some quick action (3 diam) to do with some form of psychic/creative talent (7 hearts) which the Jack may intend to exchange, sell or buy service or product. It involves a young man who is very confident with himself, and who has plans for his future.

Lastly the middle row is read from left to right.

Money responsibilities that needs looking at, there will be some choices to make, offers made. but it will involve talking with the Jack of spades (this is the card usually representing my oldest son, actually it was named after him). But through some lucky situation that will occur very quickly, or I will hear of this situation within the next few hours.

My son informed me that he will go flatting with his mates when he finds a job. We spoke of financial responsibilities and budgeting. I think it will be a good thing for him to do, he will be 18 years tomorrow. And frankly, with all of his mates that barge in and out of the house, I won’t miss them at all…as lovely as they are. My son needs to be independent, as he gets it far too easy at home with his mother. i will surely miss him, but I know it’s that necessary part of life, in which I am only here as a vehicle to guide him to this point….independence.

The top row which is still up in the air, I’m not too sure about yet. and middle row,  I think is the work situation, that I have written in post below. The bottom row I think is to do with my son, who is wanting to start up a business eventually with some T shirt designs that he is branding.

This spread can be done as a general reading.

Daily draw 29/07/2010

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Q hearts+5 hearts+9 spades

J spades+7 spades

7 clubs

The Queen of hearts is feeling unsettled, also unfulfilled, it has obviously got something to do with the Jack of spades, who has the 7 spades next to him being that of a burden or someone depressive, there is a problem with the 7 clubs, challenges.

Update: I was told by a family member that my sister in law (Q hearts) did not have a fulfilling time on a recent journey, she went on  a trip of a life time to Barcelona. She was constantly worried as her partner (J spades) was giving her a hard time for going. She was also worrying about her sons, as the partner was texting her  pathetic messages about her sons, trying to spoil her time away, which he succeeded.

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