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March 17, 2011

Merging PC’s with lenormand

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I thought that I would try merging PC’s with the lenormand. This was inspired by my teacher, who merges tarot with lenormand when giving general readings. The top row is giving the main theme of the reading while the lenormand are adding more details in support of it.

Jack Clubs………..8 spade………Ace Heart……Q hearts………5 hearts



The first set I will look at is Master Jermonie (Jcl), book and key. Master Jermonie is the main theme of this trio. Master Jermonie is looking to the right at book, so his focus is in the future, there is an unknown element or a delving into something that he will discover and will have a significant impact on him. This could be a study of some sort. Something will become known of him or from him. A significant learning.

Update: I attended the graduation of my favourite nephew.

The Second Set 8 spade, whip, house the main theme is 8 spade so we have a goal or project in mind that will be something that will be long term, working towards it, which will require alot of hard work to achieve it. Whip is also confirming something that requires alot of physical effort, it may also be indicating that there will be some conflict in the process. House therefore anything in regards to the home or family is what this is giving clues too.

Update: a couple of things relate to this. Firstly my partner and I are looking at building a home on family land. The second, is referring to my sister and her partner, having to sort out their domestic problems, also selling their own home.

The third set Ace hearts, dog, child the main theme is Ace of hearts which represents home and family once again. The dog is someone close or known to the family, also a child or youth, so this could be a family member and child coming to the home.

Update : Got news that my nephew and his partner are expecting a baby.

The fourth set Lady Tara, lily, tree the main theme is the woman, she is the lovely queen, someone emotional, she is also known as the mother card, lily next to her, could also be giving clue to an older woman this could actually be representing my mother. Funny thing my mother rang when I started to type out this trio. There maybe health issues with the tree.

Update: This is referring to my mother, regarding a family trust situation.

The fifth set 5 hearts, fox, letter the main theme is to do with instability, emotional insecurity. The fox gives a clue as to what the insecurity is about, which is to do with work or employment. The letter indicates that some form of official document or letter is forth coming.

Update: Went into work today to help out with some admin work for a new unit that is in it’s developmental stage. The manager told me that one of the key employees helping him had left. So sets things back.

So all in all, everything played out.


What will I gain on my pending trip?

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I am due to travel to Australia next week, I will be assisting my teacher on the first series of workshops held there. I have not been overseas for over 20 years, but it will be very exciting at the same time. So I’m doing a multi-level reading. To look at the overall trip as a whole, and what I will be learning, gaining or experiencing while over there.

Firstly the trip as a whole

KD  KH  10Sp  5 Clubs Ace Cl QH 10 Cl Joker 7Sp 4cl 6D

Starting with 5clubs as this is the key card representing the trip. Next to that key card is lady Karmel, she maybe representing a young woman who maybe a student or host to myself.

On the otherside we have Ace clubs which represents something new or news coming forth. This in fact will be new to both the Australians and myself.

Sir Denee and Sir Christos and lady Karmel. Somehow these 3 people will be prominent during my stay.

Ace club, Lady Tara, lady Indira ME 7 spade, 4 club, 6 diamond

I have included the my key card in this draw since it has all come up together.

Both Lady Tara the young lady Indira are also people who will be prominent, because lady Indira is sitting next to me, she may be someone that I have alot to do with. So they will be new people that will have an effect on me.

However if I look to the right side of me we have 7 spade this is the card of burdens and worry, so I may feel a little overwelmed at times. The 4 clubs is the book of knowledge, and so it will be, as we will be learning about a certain method or study. I see this as painstakingly nutting out what is to learn. It is good to see the 6 diamond sitting at the end, as it is the card of positive and unexpected events that has that fate attached to it. There will be an unfolding of something that may have been held deep and caused some worry, but it’s discovery will be good for all concerned.

So to summarise, this will be a beneficial trip with meeting people 5 people in particular will be of some interest.

What do I need to be aware of?

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Hey folks,

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here, so I pulled out my playing card deck again wiped off the dust it was collecting due to non-use.

Anyway this draw using the No Layout I’m asking what I should be aware of in the next week – month.

JH  6H 9Sp JOKER (me) 4D 6D 9D

With the no layout spread, the 2 most important cards to view first are right next to the Key card, so in this case it is the Joker which represents me the querent.

9 Spade – this is the first card I look to, as it is indicating recently or currently what is in play. So something has come to an end, or is transitioning.

4 diamonds – this is current or soon to be coming into play as in thought or action on my behalf. This is the card of desire or passion, so there is something that I will be wanting to do.

Jack – (Master Les-Hayr) + 6 Hearts + 9 spade – Now if I read this as events that has passed and still effecting me at present, then this is indicating a young man who is emotional, the 6 hearts is about Harmony, beauty, positivity and leisure, so this is on his mind, but some how it is dashed by the 9 spades, as it brings an ending to it, therefore it is saying he can’t see a positive way forward, or his positive thinking has ended.

Update: I know exactly who this is talking about, funnily when creating names for these cards, it was named after him. He has been going through an emotional time at the moment, alot of fears due to recent disasters both here in NZ and Japan.

4 diamonds + 6 diamonds + 9 diamonds

What ever my desires are of the 4 diamond I can be sure that some positive opportunity will be coming my way 6 diamond, a twist of luck, there is success and completion 9 diamond beyond my expectation. This is a very good last 3 trio, coming into the near future, as I asked for a week to monthly outlook of what I need to be aware of.

Will update on the last set.


July 29, 2010

The Bed reading

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This is the bed reading spread from the book of personal prophecy by Deborah Leigh. It comprises of 16 cards drawn randomly, but placed on top of each other, in order of the draw. It requires no question, and then it is placed around the significator.

6 club……….2 club……………7 club….……………10 diam…..Ace club

7 spade……..A diam…(ME/5 spade/J spade)….6 diam…….3 spade

3 diam………7 heart……………2 diam………………..J club…….8 spade

first card is on top of the significator What faces you – 5 spades therefore there are options or choices to make. this is placed across the first card (5 spade) What crosses you-J spade young man who may be an impediment to my success. This individual is someone who takes his responsibilities seriously, although negatively he can be devious.

What heads you : 7 clubs – this is the card directly on top of me, so it is still up in the air. So there is a problem brewing.

What foots you: 2 diamonds this card is directly beneath me, so there is going to be some exchange going on.

What sides you: Ace diamond card directly to the left of me, so a money situation. The money situation obviously has some burdens or worries (7 spades with it.

What Guides you: 6 diamond card directly to the right of me, so by some lucky situation that is coming towards me from the universe. It is coming fast ball pace at me. So I expect this lucky turn around to be very quick (3 spades)

Now the top row is read from left to right, these are the things that are still up in the air.

A step up (6 club) in a situation that will require some conversation with another (2 club) however the conversation won’t be an easy one (7 club) it has either something to do with another female, or it may require me to make some demands so that my point will be heard, it will be a new (ace club) of being for me, coming soon.

The bottom row is read next, this is the recent past, people or situations from past may also enter in this line.

Some quick action (3 diam) to do with some form of psychic/creative talent (7 hearts) which the Jack may intend to exchange, sell or buy service or product. It involves a young man who is very confident with himself, and who has plans for his future.

Lastly the middle row is read from left to right.

Money responsibilities that needs looking at, there will be some choices to make, offers made. but it will involve talking with the Jack of spades (this is the card usually representing my oldest son, actually it was named after him). But through some lucky situation that will occur very quickly, or I will hear of this situation within the next few hours.

My son informed me that he will go flatting with his mates when he finds a job. We spoke of financial responsibilities and budgeting. I think it will be a good thing for him to do, he will be 18 years tomorrow. And frankly, with all of his mates that barge in and out of the house, I won’t miss them at all…as lovely as they are. My son needs to be independent, as he gets it far too easy at home with his mother. i will surely miss him, but I know it’s that necessary part of life, in which I am only here as a vehicle to guide him to this point….independence.

The top row which is still up in the air, I’m not too sure about yet. and middle row,  I think is the work situation, that I have written in post below. The bottom row I think is to do with my son, who is wanting to start up a business eventually with some T shirt designs that he is branding.

This spread can be done as a general reading.

October 19, 2008

Weekly reading 20/10-27/10/08

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Using Sylvies “no layout spread” this week indicates that I will feel a sense of achievement (2h) so a very successful week, in which i will do all the things that I need to. I will also hear of a man who is an emotional and caring individual (kh) in which he is feeling very happy, there shows alot of love between him and a woman of the club description, brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. This sounds very much like my sister and brother in law. It shows that he has matured some what since he’s shown as a king, he has been away for a month, so I would imagine that they would be very lovey dovey at the moment. But I’ll leave this open, as it may refer to other people as well.

October 17, 2008

Weekly reading Personal prophecy method 17-24 October

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This is the personal prophecy layout, which is used for all questions, however just to do something simple I asked “I wish to know what my week had in store for me”. There are 8 designations in this spread of 3 cards in each.

The first 3 at the top of the layout “the current situation” this is information about my life in general at the time of the reading 6sp+2h+Joker

6sp generally it is a card of “warning’ as in saying proceed slowly with caution, as things are not as it seems at this point. It can be just saying that to take things or do things slowly. 2h this is the personal fulfillment card, it promises success. Joker (black) is a significant event or person (next to a court card) So in this case it would be talking about a significant personal accomplishment. I would read this as saying, that if I proceed carefully, observing all the steps in my path, then I would be sure to achieve that what I desire. it is not too far away. 

The Second set (far left) “To your home’ this designation encompasses matters relating to and having the power to ipact your home, emotionally, economically, spiritually like family relationships, children, domestic issues, close friends, work situations you literally “take home” with you. 7h+3h+7sp

7 h signifies genuine friendship, pure platonic love. 3h Signifies regret and sorrow, genuine remorse, Apologies perceived in the cards will be joined with this card. 7sp signifies loss, it is something that is lost and is not coming back. So my perception of this would mean, that a close friend will be sorry or feel sorry for something that they have lost. Or it could be me feeling sorry for a friend. I think with the recent events I am definitely feeling very sorry for my friends at work, who have lost their jobs. But I shall wait and see as something else may come up concerning a friend.

Second Set: “yourself” this designation in the reading layout focuses on “You” your hopes, your dreams, emotional makeup, goals for the future, beliefs and values, your personal identity-“who” you are essentially as a person as you live your life day by day. However, sometimes, what we believe is true about ourselves as individuals this designation will point out is only a facade in terms of the real individual who lurks within. 8cl+4d+9sp

8cl signifies frustration and impatience. 4d Signifies “untrueness” lies, deceptions, infidelity and sometimes outright hatred at times. 9sp signifies grief and anguish.This is the feeling of mourning. The period of longing for what can’t be brought back. Unresolved heartaches. This is very interesting to see here, as this is how I think and feel at this moment, and looking at it , it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. I know I have been feeling frustrated for my friends, and the sense of betrayal I know that we all felt for not being informed. It had come at a shock. And yes, there is a sense of grief here. The other thing that comes to mind, is that my ex-partner has bad health, and it effects me and the children, and I know if I were to be honest, I at times resent him for allowing himself to get that way, but at the end of the day, I fear the impact and feeling when it is time for him to go. the uncertainty and insecurity is what causes the anguish. I will take heed of this and be sure to change my thoughts.

Third set: Your wish/Question: The designation in the reading layout is dedicated entirely to “your wish/question – that specific question requesting intuitive knowledge which you pose to the cards whenever you decide to conduct a reading, this designation is considered the most significant. 2cl+10d+7cl

2cl signifies a “minor disappointment” no real big deal, it is events/circumstances that didn’t turn out the way one expected, but is likely to have another outcome. 10d finances/money/business matters. 7cl this is the desire card, it is usually doing some physical activity (sport, exercise, dancing, sex)that is for personal gratification. it can be purely selfish reasons. It can also mean, putting in some physical effort. So, the theme of this week is based around, a money matter in which the situation wasn’t  as much as one had thought, likely to be less (why else would I be disappointed) or it could cost more, more work maybe required.

Fourth Set “What you don’t expect” this designation is exactly that – events and situations perceived to hold the potential to develop unexpectedly, impacting your life both in a negative or positive sense. 9cl+Asp(rv)+3sp

9cl signifies and focuses on “indulgences” like drinking, smoking, partying, over-eating, even drug use. in certain contexts, it merely indicates “enjoying and indulging” In other terms it means ‘addiction and abuse’. Asp (apex down-upside down) it indicates at a distance/ upright it means an ending…as in something occurring in a distant, fixed location, therefore the event or person is at a distant, or an end to an indulgence..3sp signifies routine matters or unexpected events, generally a pleasant card. Therefore this could be indicating a “party” that is in another location, or someone is indulging in something far away, obviously something that they do regularly. But there will be something else that comes from this, which takes everyone by surprise. The other scenario, is while doing some routine matter, an unexpected event will occur, which may cause an end to a indulgence.

Fifth set (bottom left) “What you do Expect’ Essentially is is that we can expect to live out our lives day-by-day; when we have reached the end of those days, we simply pass through a door entering another phase of existence, other than that, I personally expect very little from life on a daily basis. 9d+Jh+5h

9d signifies “uncertainty’ a decision about a matter is not yet been “determined” it can be misunderstanding. Jd physical description, young, may have blond/light brown/red hair and blue eyes. Characteristics, materialistic, money minds, on the “egotistical” side in certain respects, enjoy being in the “limelight” they can be cold by nature, aloof, difficult to know sometimes. 5h signifies a gift or compliment. A lovely feel good card. Now this is the first trio with a court card in it. With the PP method, the querent is always on the far left, therefore the 9d is sitting between Me and the Jd so this is a feeling of uncertainty between us, it is likely coming from me as it is before the Jack, what sits behind the jack are what his/her thoughts and feelings. Therefore this jack is wanting to give or is paying a compliment, expecting some form of pleasant association. I on the other hand is “not sure” or rather holding back.

Update: I do know this person with this physical description, and he texts me often, I have been hesitant to reply, we were once close on a physical level, but I have since stepped back from the situation, as he is “immature” so I don’t really want to get involved again.

Sixth set: What surprises you; Now this is the impossible, becoming possible. What surprises you, may not surprise another, these are those totally unforeseen circumstances that will surprise you, this designation can show you some truly impossible and wondrous things.  6d+8d+Qh

6d & 8d has the same meaning, it is a neutral card with no emotional attachment to it, and merely means “An relationship/situation exists here” if it is before a face card it indicates your relationship with that person, if it appears behind a face card, it indicates the individuals relationship with you. I must say that I’m still a little uncertain as to these 2 cards, and why there are 2 of them. Hopefully when Deborah pops back she maybe able to clarify a bit more. Qh as a physical description can be green-eyed with light brown/auburn hair. If not then the characteristic would apply as someone who is giving and loving, humanitarian in their views on life, sensitive to the needs or others, true “care givers” Therefore there is an existing relationship and current situation with this person that will surprise me, unfortunately with both these cards, I’m not getting more of a message as to what the existing situation is.

Last set “Sure to come True” From this designation, you have the ability to learn, to grow and ultimately, to achieve greater wisdom for yourself as a result of certain inevitabilities you will perceive from the cards contained in this spread. The destiny spread. Joker (red)+4cl+3d

joker is the card I have designated as the querent, this is not part of the PP method. 4cl signifies misfortune, it warns of a major setback…an unexpected set of circumstances that must be prepared for…it is these circumstances that important lessons are learned. 3d signifies petty, domestic conflicts. signals small disagreements that could escalate into more serious dispute. I don’t like this trio, my querent card is right there. Therefore I may find a situation where I may get into an argument, generally I am not like this. I will be questioning something as it has caused some setback, therefore I will need to sort it out. I have a feeling that it may have something to do with a young man or boy.

This is alot to take in. I will write another post about how to lay the cards out, but for now I need a rest.

October 14, 2008

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This is the Bed Reading in the personal prophecy method, which just gives an overall look at past, present and future. Some cards are not clear here.

I had chose the joker representing me the querent, which is in the middle of the spread.

8 Clouds sitting on top, indications the situation which is facing me, and represents matters in my immediate future, it is those individuals, situations, circumstances.

Therefore what is facing me is some temporary frustration and confusion, and I must say I am feeling that at present, due to the recent events at work. I can imagine what people must feel like, when they lose a job, although I am better off than alot of them..

4 Spades turned sideways “What crosses me’ those individuals, situations, circumstances which stand in my way as impediments to my success and happiness.

the 4 spades is the card of illness or depression. I can say that I personally am not sick or depressed, but the father to my children is, and he has a big effect on me, because he is really the only person i have who can look after my kids when i go to work, it has effected the hours and days that I can work, because I worry whether or not he is well enough to have them. Inside of school hours, is the only real time that I can work.

Update: I went to a “health and healing” expo today, and I realised that my health isn’t as great as I thought, I also found out that my early morning shift is having an effect on my thyroid, which controls metabolism, i had a feeling that it might, as i am putting on weight, Therefore I bought a couple of herbal remedies, and nutrients, as well as thinking of having some treatments.

The row above “What heads me” This is the row which is still “up in the air” it is still unsettled or completed, read from left to right. 9sp+3cl+5sp+9h+10sp.

First card 9sp is the grief or anguish card, it is the unrest of the soul, so to speak, with 3cl it is a very fast timing card, which is coming at me like a rocket, so the grief or anguish may come as a shock, I think with recent events it was. 5sp is the card of “anger” anger can be a good thing too, as it releases alot of built up tension. I am feeling a bit like this towards my employer, he hadn’t handled the staff well, through all this period, I think I am just feeling sorry for the staff. 9h however, this is a good card, as it is the “wish card” I think once the initial grief and anger period is over, which this card indicates, if i look deep down, I had wanted to move on anyway. 10sp is the card that represents, travel, journeys  moving forward and transport. So my wish to move forward has come about, and it will be a new journey. The 9h in a spread is a indicator of good fortune to come.

The bottom row “What Foots me” read from left to right. These cards encompass recent past events and circumstances which have led me to this moment in time, insight into relationships, and situations which have developed to the point they have in the present. you will also see depicted here those who hold potential to return from the past, re-entering your life in a most significant way. 6cl+10h+Jsp+5d+10cl.
First card in this row is 6cl this card is about the work place, or effort, it can also represent a school environment. 10h is about love, and those that you love the most, so it can be representative of “family”  and of course “happiness” it can also be a successful card in a love relationship. Jsp represents someone with dark features, he too very much has a sense of justice, very much an intellectual, i’ve seen this card appear as someone who can be either on one side of the law, he is either for it, or against it. This is a mixed bag, I can read this as either being love of a present job sitation, or work affecting family and happiness. if i was to read it as someone from the past who may appear in my future, it could be talking about a person that I was very fond of at school, coming back into my life.
5d this card is about news, information, media. 10cl is the “official'” institute card. This I can relate to for a couple of things. My son is wanting to go into the army but he needs a certain amount of credits to get in. the other thing is I received a letter, to attend a “hearing, for my nephew, as well as jury service.
What sides me these 2 cards in the position of 7sp and 10d are read together, this is individuals and circumstances which are impacting the decisions I am making in the present as a result of their emotional, psychological or spiritual influence in my life. 7sp+10d
7spade is the card of loss. 10diamonds money/financial or business matters. this sums it up quite nicely, losing one days pay, and not being paid for it today is certainly having an affect on me!!
What Guides me in the position of 7cl and 6h these 2 cards are read together, here you will find intuitive messages regarding those individuals and situations which are preceived inthe present to be instrumental to the future direction of my path.
7cl is about desire, driving to get what it is that i want, therefore needing to put some physical effort into it. Essentially it is the card or physical or sexual attraction, seeking self-satisfaction through physical or sexual means. Well i know it’s nothing to do with sex, so i read this as me putting in some effort, to get what i want, 6h is the card that holds potential and says that my path is headed in the right direction, it is the yellow brick road, the light at the end of the tunnell, I only have to want and go for it. I think this may also have to do with me, needing to take care of my physical body.
Middle row, now all cards in this row is read from left to right starting with 7sp ending with 6h. 7sp+10d+8cl+4sp+7cl+6h.
Well it is straight forward, with the recent loss of a small part of my income, which is temporarily causing me some frustration, I only need to find ways of generating more through hard work, all is how it should be. Also an imbalance with health matters, so making improvements with my physical health.
lastly just look for double up of numbers like 10’s Aces, 4’s etc. If the 9 hearts is present, any other significant trends. this is the quickie reading layout, it does tend to get to the heart of the matter.
I have all 4 tens present which is a dynamic group, eventhough some things may seem a little dark, having all 4 ten’s this is indicating that I am headed for a major shift in my life path for the better, a shift in which i will rejoice and celebrate, far into the future. The 9 hearts is also a good card to see, as it is telling me that I will get what I wish for.

October 13, 2008

Weekly reading 13/10-20/10/08

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I have kept with the “no layout spread” here, the Joker in the middle is representing me the querent, although the joker isn’t used in the Personal Prophecy method, this is a personal addition of my own. So we have 3 cards to each side of me, you can use how many cards you like, I personally like 3. The way I got the 3 to either side is by shuffling, then flipping the cards until I find the Joker and it’s the 3 cards before it and the 3 cards after it that I lay down.

9 hearts (wishes or desires)

2 spades (abrupt change)

Jack diamonds (younger person, career orientated, egotistical)

This first set once again there is the wish or desire which is to do with a change that is wanted in connection with the young Jack. Now in my previous daily reading you would of seen that I had wanted to meet with the Jack of diamonds. So the wish for a change in connection with the Jack, we are both in negotiation with our general manager for me to get a pay rise, and it maybe quicker than I expect as it’s an abrupt change. She is pushing for it, because I am her relief worker, when she needs a day off. I had told her it wasn’t worth me working because I lose more in secondary tax, so hence the reason I need the payrise. Because I have already identified the jack because of my previous daily reading, I have got a good idea who this court card is. The beauty with daily readings, it is quick to establish the meaning and feel of the cards.

Update: Well there certainly is an abrupt change. The job where I was supposed to get a payrise, they have just gone into ‘receivership’ so no payrise. Deep down, I was hoping for it. Interesting I had done a reading yesterday, using the lenormand, and I had asked if I would get a payrise. It had told me, “redundancy”!!

King hearts Traditionally the physical description is a man older over 35 who has green eyes, auburn/blond hair. The characteristic is usually emotional, sensitive, caring and loving. Because I want to see first the man concerned, then I can get a better idea of the trait and physical description of this card.

2 clubs minor disappointment, although it is a small one, not as one had hoped or thought.

4 Hearts this is one of the 4 dreary cards (4sp, 4cl, 4d) in the deck, this is an emotional card, one that can trigger those unbalanced emotions like anger, jeolousy, mistrust.

So this last set indicates that a man who is generally loving and caring, will go through some small disappointment, next to the 4 hearts card, I would say that maybe a small feeling of jeolousy. Something hadn’t occurred to his expectation, so it may cause him to become a little unsettled in his emotions.

It has been a long while since I have read the playing cards, I think using the lenormand cards has helped me to piece together these cards. Like all my reading and draws I will update you.

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